Outsourcing – Investment Analyst Services
12.00 USD (15.00 CAD) per hour
…Assisting with quarterly earnings, VBA programming, conference call notes, non-standardized financial models, etc..

DCF Models – Standardized
55.00 USD (70.00 CAD) – Completed using Buy Case IQ simplified standard template – See DCF page for samples.
115.00 USD (150.00 CAD) – Completed using Buy Case IQ full standard template – Please inquire for samples.

Invoices can be sent to an administrator or billed discreetly to an investment professional.  Payment is only required after the client is satisfied with the work.  For larger projects payments are made on a work-completed basis.

Expectations and Quality:
All Investment Analysts have either completed or are pursuing their CFA Charter and have direct industry experience.

Working with someone new is always challenging.
In our experience best outcome is achieved by starting with a sample of the project provided by the client -> Buy Case IQ completes bulk of the work -> The client puts the final touches on the project.
Once expectations are set, Buy Case IQ can complete future projects from start to finish.  An Analyst can be permanently assigned to work directly with the client.

All Investment Analysts work directly for Buy Case IQ first on probation first.  Only once probationary period is passed are Analysts assigned to work with clients.

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